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Superlative design for the most demanding clients Handcrafted mirror-like finishing.
Top of its category for balance in use, lightness and reduction of the engine noise;
Integrated air concentrator, with quick-lock system, optimized for high temperatures;
Wide lateral protection surfaces;
Cold air button with controlled action;
Ergonomic handle, with raised hemispheres to better the grip;
Lateral integrated double-action “Pull/Press” buttons;
Protection system against electromagnetic waves (EMF)
Powerful hot air flow to insure the hair beauty and well-being;
Perfect hairsets (in half time!) thanks to the ionic and ceramic systems, to enhance the hair moistness and shininess;
Advanced technology and refined design tool that gives an incredible elegance to the work ambient;
Handcrafted mirror-like finishing;
Easy to clean thanks to a easy-lock filter and comfortable lateral grips;
2200 – 2400 W 220-240 V
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