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The 3-in-1 Smooth, Curl, & Wave Styling Iron is a multifunctional hairstyling tool designed to create numerous styles with ease. Versatile heat settings enable the iron to be used as a curling or straightening iron to smooth, curl, or wave the hair into customized styles.

Ceramic plates infused with Black Seed Oil promote long lasting smoothness and shine within any styling routine.

Plug the appliance into the correct power supply. The iron can be used 3 ways: to smooth, to curl, and to make waves.

To power on/smooth: Press and hold the power button; the Smooth styling option will automatically light up which indicates the inner plates are heating up.

To curl: Press the power button once (from the initial smooth option) and the Curl indicator light will turn on and the outer plates will heat up.

Locking feature: In order to use the iron as a wand, close the plates and flip the locking switch (to the closed lock position) located on the back of the iron. Style as usual.

To make waves: Press the power button twice (from the initial smooth option) and both the Smooth and Curl indicator lights will appear allowing the inner and outer plates to heat up simultaneously. Use the arrow buttons to adjust the temperature settings according to the hair types specified below:

Fine Hair: 360°F - 375°F. Medium Hair: 380°F - 395°F. Coarse Hair: 400°F - 425°F

To turn off the iron press and hold the power button. Unplug the iron directly from the wall; do not pull on the cord.

Warranty: 2 Years
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